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Experience Counts

Personalized Approach

Experience Counts

With nearly 20 years of recruiting, supporting small, medium and enterprise clients, in both strategy and execution, we serve our clients with a professional obsession driving toward our clients success


The Right Match

Personalized Approach

Experience Counts

Identifying that perfect recruit (or Tiro) for the hard to fill disciplines of Engineering and Supply Chain drives your recruitment strategy forward and these are our areas of focus. We are the tip of the spear for your recruiting efforts! The only employment agency you'll need!


Personalized Approach

Personalized Approach

Personalized Approach

We tailor our recruiting approach to match your talent acquisition requirements and each manager's metrics and goals. 

The professional's battleground


Tiro is your next Recruit

Once the most powerful civilization on Earth, the Ancient Romans pioneered many advancements that shaped our modern world. The Roman Legion made that civilization possible, one recruit (or Tiro) at a time. On today's hyper-competitive business battleground, your next Tiro can make the difference between winning and losing to competition. We are an employment agency that believes in recruiting not only the skills, but the person as a whole to our clients organization and vision. 



In order for organizations' strategies to be realized, the right people must execute their skills at the right time. Each member of the Legion as one. Recruiting processes must reflect this goal.


Your Next Tiro

Whether you lead Engineering, Supply Chain or support their recruiting,  We are the employment agency where you will find your next Tiro!